Aug 5, 2016

Episode 15 - Government Cheese

Has the Trump political machine trampled on the LCC Crew or just Antonio Banderas doppleganger? AMC Mike and The Slinky can't figure out who is going to take Dak to see 9 Lives, and Rob is professing his love of Kevin Spacey and Government Cheese! All this and more on this week/s amazing Lights Camera Cleveland.

Jun 29, 2016

Episode 14 - Turn Around, Britain

AMC Mike has a crush on John Boyega, and no one seems to be able to stop her. Slinky is wearing tight pants, while Rob just wants to cut footloose. And somewhere, out on the greenway, Britain may be lost forever. We have some big news, some previews, and much, much more this week on Lights Camera Cleveland!

Jun 22, 2016

Episode 13 - End The Suffrage

Everyone keeps trying to end AMC Mike's suffrage and she's not taking it anymore! but how can she get any justice when Batfleck is so disinterested? It's a quandry that can only be figured out through previews, reviews, big news and more, on Lights Camera Cleveland!

Jun 22, 2016

Episode 12 - This list is Crap

There is some controversy over whether or not Pixar knows what their best films are, but fear not, the LCC crew is going to get to the bottom of things! AMC Mike and Rob have a difference of opinion on what makes a good scary movie, but everyone agrees the new Ninja Turtles Movie is the scariest of them all. Slinky keeps stepping on AMC Mike's two cents. Carrot Cake has his shirt off.  All this and more on this episode of Lights, Camera, Cleveland!

Nov 5, 2015

Episode 11 - Chain Wielding, Jabba The Hutt Killing Leia

Is Leia Organa a strong warrior woman or just an over sexualized convention costume? We aren't exactly sure of the answer, which is to say that Slinky and Rob don't have the answer. AMC Mike has the answer though, and you can find it here. In addition, we have some box office numbers, no big news, and 4 preview reviews. We also try to get to the bottom of whether or not Jar Jar Binks or Caillou is the most evil force in the galaxy. All this and more on this episode of Lights, Camera, Cleveland!

Oct 29, 2015

Episode 10 - BOO

We meant to talk about movies. Really. We did. But in the end, the spooky spirit of Halloween took over and this episode is all about haunted houses, haunted houses, and also about haunted houses. We talk about movies for a few minutes, sure, but then we talk about haunted houses some more. At some point, Adam Lowe, the guy who runs the local haunted house calls us and we talk about haunted houses. So hang out, and let's all love haunted houses together. 

Oct 7, 2015

Episode 9 - Holy Cow!

It's the night of the big game, but the LCC crew can't seem to focus because if the Cubs win, it is one more step to proving Back to the Future 2 is prophetic! Maybe even more important is the fact that Woody Allen is being allowed to make a new movie, but who can worry about that when Slinky is afraid that Pan might be too much like Pirates? It's all crazy, confusing, and exciting on this episode of Lights, Camera, Cleveland!

Sep 30, 2015

Episode 8 Matt Damon, Matt Damon, Matt Damon

This week, the crew discusses Rocky Horror turning 40, AMC Mike's time at the Crossroads, and just how much money a film has to make to be half a Rocky. Carrot Cake shows up with his shirt off, Slinky just can't help himself from centipeding, and everyone longs for the Kendog. Rob tries to talk about a certain actor without saying his name, and the entire group would do anything for love, but they won't do that.

Sep 24, 2015

Episode 7 - Naked and Afraid

AMC Mike isn't in the studio tonight, which means Rob and the Slinky are alone! What mayhem awaits? Find out what the guys think about Hayden Christensen returning to Star Wars, Tom Hardy being Wolverine, and recording without music! This show is naked, y'all, and very, very afraid.

Sep 2, 2015

Episode 6 - Zack Effron Abs

This week, the crew wants to know why the Hobbit is rated R, when Slinky's teacher acted with Nic Nolte, and how AMC Mike was a rave master. Carrot Cake stops by with his shirt off, and Rob hates The Transporter. All this and more on this week's episode of Lights, Camera, Cleveland!

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